welcome to artist co-op 7 online

The Artist Co-op 7 Art program exemplifies the continuing education mission of personal growth through learning and creative expression.

Please see our Exhibits page for a list of current and past exhibitions.

Since 1995, Artist Co-op 7 classes have offered a stimulating environment for students to exchange ideas, knowledge and energies through self-exploration and creative expression. Students of all levels will be encouraged to tap their inner resources to achieve personal fulfillment and expand exhibition opportunities.

For artists interested in enhancing their artistic development, we offer three classes:

Right Brain Figure Drawing
Watercolor Painting
Painting and Drawing

All classes interact and interrelate in their right-brain approach to graphic expression, a visible manifestation of invisible principles.  Allow yourself to spark intuition, spontaneity and enthusiasm. Learn to really SEE and feel rather than just looking superficially and with assumption.

There is interaction with all levels of experience, ages and backgrounds – we all learn from each other and profit from the diversity of energies, abilities and resources within the group dynamic. Artists who have been with our classes for many years have continued to attend for benefits of the mutually supportive and stimulating learning environment. More info on Classes...

We hope to initiate a positive difference in your life – but ultimately how you learn and develop is within you. Through the right-brain approach, we can experience enrichment and expansion in our perception of both the outer world and the inner self.

Art is a journey – enjoy the process: the being, doing, becoming. Go with the flow and follow your conscience. Be empowered by your sensitivities and inner strengths. Have an open mind and abandon preconceptions and expectations. Do not let thinking get in the way of creativity.

Since 1989, the Co-op offers several venues for members to exhibit their art. The venues range from corporate offices and restaurants to private businesses. Through group participation, Co-op members develop and coordinate the high quality venue exhibitions. Typically, an exhibit will feature one or more Co-op artists for approximately eight weeks on a rotating basis. The Co-op's venue shows provide an opportunity for members to gain exposure of their art in a professional exhibit and for the public to experience the original creative work. Many purchases of Co-op member paintings and drawings have resulted from these exhibits. We are pleased with the process. Both the venues and the artists gain from the experiences.